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"Storybook" - The Ultimate Multiscene

Close your eyes... listen to the grass whispering and the birds chirping.

Deep hidden in the valley you write your own story, writing a book of the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Relax and feel homey in a beautiful little house fully animated and as enchanting as ever can be.

But whats that? As you walk behind the house you discover a 3-story old secret building.

What could it be? Who built it and what ever was the reason?

Dance the night away between sunflowers and an awesome little brook right through the valley . Dream and enjoy!

For more information on our Ultimate Multiscene, click this LINK

Enjoy a playful day

Call this your home.. a place full of delight

No time to clean up the knick knacks, just relax!

So nice to spend some time by the stony brook


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